Watch Stevie Ray Vaughan Perform “Scuttle Buttin’ & Say What” Back In 1985

via @SRV on MV | Youtube

No need for heating up. There is no need for that. Stevie Ray Vaughan just went out, exploded on “Scuttle Buttin’, and let the crowd know that he was there to melt faces out of the. It’s legendary madness!

The double speed will make you feel like you’re watching some cartoon and there’s like someone in a rush to get away or something. Or when you’re on the last lap in racing and everything gets faster – that’s how Stevie Ray did it with this performance of Scuttle Buttin’ and Say What! at Capitol Theatre on September 21, 1985.

God, this incomparable guitar performance, this beautiful and perfect blues voice, his wardrobe, and its soft and beautiful jewels, this confidence and its stain on body language and movements. He was everything. Why do all legends die prematurely? Just a small glimpse and he left especially after having overcome his addictions and demons, life was finally going well. Why? You are simply the best god of the guitar. No one compares to you!

You can watch the impeccable performance below: