Watch Sting and Shaggy Play Live

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Best Paired With Cocktails

Before you start listening, maybe you can go grab yourself a mojito, pina colada or classic margarita. Because trust us, it’s going to feel like summer. Sting and Shaggy – two musicians from vastly different genre and yet, it somehow worked. They didn’t make it to the “artists we’d like to see collaborate” list but man, this is GOOD. Oh and did we mention their album “44/876” is just as irresistible too?

While the record received mixed reviews, they definitely sound like they had a great time in the studio. This is the bromance we didn’t know we needed.

“I think there’s a joy and a sunshine on the record that is really resonating with people, and I’m very happy about that.” – Sting

And there’s no way anyone can disagree with what Mr. Boombastic said about this unlikely team up, “It just felt right. Everything about it felt right.” When Shaggy approached Sting, the latter immediately agreed because as it turns out, he’s a huge fan of reggae music. And the rest, as they say, is history.