Watch The Monkees “Far East Tour” Interview In 1968

via Coriolanus Quince / Youtube

In 1966, the musical group “The Monkees” was formed in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.

In principle, the band was formed from a television program whose objective was to discover new musicians who would play and sing their own songs. About 500 participants appeared for the test, with Davy Jones who would be in charge of the percussion and singing, Michael Nesmith, who played the guitar and would also put his voice in the songs, and Peter Tork, who would be in charge of playing the song. bass, keyboards and would put his voice, and Micky Dolenz, who would have the drums in his hands, and who, like the other components, would also put his voice in the group.

The Monkees as a band, however, remained intact. In the summer of 1968, Raybert began filming a feature film by Monkees, conceived by his friend Jack Nicholson, while he was traveling with LSD. Head was a psychedelic current of conscience against Hollywood—TV in particular. During the same year, they had a tour, called “Far East Tour,” when they arrived in Sydney to perform, a press con was set up for them at Miller’s Brighton Hotel. You can watch the rare interview below: