Watch The One Surviving Copy of Jim Morrison’s student film ‘First Love’

via @Cal Vid | Youtube

In 1965, in a UCLA film class, Jim meets Ray Manzarek. Jim writes poems, Ray is an organist: they decide to try their luck. Robby Krieger, on guitar, and John Desmore, on drums, join them to form the band “The Doors.”

From their first shows in the small clubs of the Sunset Strip, the group attracts audiences. The music and texts of “The Doors” and, above all, their way of life, are addressed to a whole generation.

Jim was inspired by two women, Pamela and Patricia, and does not hide his attraction to artificial paradises. When he’s on stage, he seems to be in a state of grace. But his life is a tunnel that inexorably leads to an untimely and mysterious death …

In the video below, a short documentary premiered at IDFA Amsterdam and at The Santa Monica Film Festival – a documentary that highlights Jim Morrison UCLA days. The documentary is titled, “First Love.”

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