Watch This Guy Cover The Solo For “Voodoo Chile” On The Piano With A Whammy Bar

via @Lachy Doley | Youtube

A guy that can play a Hendrix song on a keyboard, man, that is something.

This guy covered Voodoo Chile guitar solo on a keyboard and used a whammy bar to make it more sound like a guitar. If Hendrix was still alive, he’ll definitely invite you to one of his shows and have some duel with him.

The solo using the keyboard was magnificent, wholeheartedly impressive, and a NEVER EVER seen that someone can make a keyboard sound like it, and if you don’t look at him while he is playing, or turning away from the screen while watching the video, you could imagine that he is playing it with a guitar.

Some funny comments praising him with his cover on Facebook:

Source: The Solo Show

What you’re about to watch below is a man named, Lachy Doley – regarded as one of the world’s greatest blues Hammond/Keyboard players covering the guitar solo of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile using a Whammy Clavinet.

Keep going on the video below: