We Found Robert Plant’s Rare Vocal Fail Moments

via @robertplantofficial | Instagram

Rock legends had their own bad days sometimes just like normal people do. The legendary singer and lyricist of Led Zeppelin, living proof that age means nothing, continues to bristle every time he steps on stage, maintaining his particular voice and the pleasure of composing mixing different genres.

We all remember the great voice that characterized Robert Plant in the ’70s, which catapulted him along with Led Zeppelin to become an iconic band. But, much is said about Robert’s vocal talent, which leads us to wonder: is Plant considered the best vocalist in the history of Rock?

The latest Rolling Stone magazine listing says Robert Plant ranks 15th, below Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Roy Orbison.

Plant’s characteristic voice was so peculiar that it could carry a very slight whisper in ballads, even the cry of heavy metal … Or as Jimmy Page calls it, “the light and the shadow”.

However, there were moments that he could not live up to his legendary status. A YouTube video uploaded by @Crazy Singing compiled 3 Robert Plant vocal fails.

Keep going for the video below: