What Happened To The Classic Band Humble Pie?

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The Humble Pie: Playing Safe Was Never In Their Vocabulary

The date was August 8, 1969, and a supergroup was born. They were new and exciting: The Humble Pie. But their story goes beyond the music.

It was 1972, the four members of the Humble Pie gathered in a suite in a plush Beverly Hills Hotel alongside with Lawyers, management, record company suits. The Humble Pie was there to sign contracts as they were being handed out in a clockwise direction, a plate containing a large mound of top-dollar cocaine is being passed as well.

“All I can tell you is that we were far more interested in the progress of the plate. That breaks every rule you’re taught as a youngster in the music business – do not sign high, always sign straight. So we only have ourselves to blame.”

– Drummer, Jerry Shirley

Upon signing the contracts, they became one of the first known supergroups to emerged in the late 1960s and managed to find success on both sides of the Atlantic with such songs as “Black Coffee”, “30 Days in the Hole”, “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and “Natural Born Bugie.”


The original line-up were lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott and happens to be the founder of the band, guitarist Peter Frampton, bassist Greg Ridley, and a 17-year-old drummer at the time, Jerry Shirley.

Their debut single, “Natural Born Bugie”, was released on August 8, 1969, and became  No. 4 hit in the UK Singles Chart and was quickly followed by the album As Safe As Yesterday Is, which peaked at No. 16 in the UK album charts.

Fun Fact: “As Safe As Yesterday Is was one of the first albums to be described by the term “heavy metal” in a 1970 review in Rolling Stone magazine.”

When Peter Frampton left the group, he went on to enjoy success as a solo artist.

Steve Marriott passed away in the 1990s, rumors that his death was due to drug use and addictions.

Drummer Jerry Shirley continued to play and tour with Humble Pie and now the only remaining original member in the group.

Bass player Greg Ridley passed away in Spain a few years ago.