What Is Classic Rock In 2040

How Can Classic Rock Survives In The Future When Rock Legends Are Aging And Dying?

In today’s world, anything is possible. Classic Rock will always stay classic, of course. But it is doubtful that there will be bands that will emerge with the kind of experimentation like Pink Floyd or Queen did with concept albums and Opera-rock formats but not because of lack of creativity, but music today are designed for different kind of genres.

That said, classic rock fans still have to believe because there are many interesting rock bands coming out in these past few years, and some of them are doing incredibly great. By the time 2040 comes, they will be labeled as “CLASSIC” as well.

Many bunches of interesting “indie’ bands are coming out as well; Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Greta Van Fleet, Libertines, etc. Though they are not inventing or pushing any boundaries just like what Pink Floyd did, they still try to sound classic and vintage, and that’s what we love as “classic rock” fans.

Remember that everything has its cycle and a comeback doesn’t matter at all. A true music fan collects music, support new stuff, and doesn’t care about what is popular and what’s not.


Time is the only element; CLASSIC ROCK is not a genre but considered to be simply ROCK but was defined as “CLASSIC” because we’re still caught up in the past that we forget there are still new bands out there coming out.

By definition ‘classic’ is just anything means something that draws you in and is unforgettable.

One thing is for sure, Classic Rock will never have to make any kind of comeback and will definitely not going anywhere. As long as we’re alive, other classic rock lovers are alive, and new bands or young ones creating rock music it will live forever.

Times have changed and tastes have changed but ROCK MUSIC REMAINS.

So: there is still hope!