What Was The Former Fleetwood Mac Guitarist, Danny Kirwan Cause Of Death?

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2018, Another One?

Former Fleetwood Mac star died aged 68. The former guitarist death was announced on the evening of June 8, 2018.

Mick Fleetwood announces the tragic news on his Facebook page, the drummer confirmed Kirwan’s death and spoke about how he contributed to the band.

He wrote:

Today was greeted by the sad news of the passing of Danny Kirwan in London, England.

Danny was a huge force in our early years. His love for the Blues led him to being asked to join Fleetwood Mac in 1968, where he made his musical home for many years.

Danny’s true legacy, in my mind, will forever live on in the music he wrote and played so beautifully as a part of the foundation of Fleetwood Mac, that has now endured for over fifty years.

Thank you, Danny Kirwan. You will forever be missed! – Mick Fleetwood and Fleetwood Mac.


His cause of death is unknown and has not yet been announced.

Danny Kirwan born on May 14, 1950, in Brixton South London.

He was only 17 years old when Fleetwood Mac acquired him because of his exceptional guitar skills. Mick Fleetwood approached him and asked him to join the already established Fleetwood Mac, and turned it into a five-piece group consisting of three guitarists.

Danny contributed on some of Fleetwood Mac albums. Some of his finest works can be heard on ” Then Play On, Kiln House, Future Games, and Bare Trees.”

Danny Kirwan death

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He left the group in 1972 and began his solo career with Fleetwood Mac’s former member Dave Walker. His first solo album was released in 1975 titled “Second Chapter.”

He also managed to released 4 albums later on, “Midnight in San Juan, Danny Kirwan, Hello There Big Boy! and Ram Jam City.”

Danny Kirwan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 for his work as part of Fleetwood Mac.