Whatever Happened To Prince’s Bandmates

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Prince emerged into the music scene when he was invited to record with 94 East, his cousin’s band. When he journeyed as a solo recording artist, he released his debut album “For You,” and since then, he composed, arranged, produced, and performed all instruments in most of his solo records.

In 1979, he formed his first backing band consisting of André Cymone (bass), Gayle Chapman (keyboards), Dez Dickerson (guitar), Dr. Fink, Bobby Z. (drums), Lisa Coleman (keyboards), Brownmark (bass) and Jill Jones (vocals). This group would evolve as Prince and The Revolution.

In 1987, he would set up a tour titled, “Sign “☮” the Times,” Prince formed a new group that would feature, Dr. Fink, Eric Leeds, Atlanta Bliss (brass, vocals), Mico Weaver (guitar), Sheila E. (drums, percussion), Levi Seacer Jr. (bass, guitar), Boni Boyer (keyboards, vocals) and Cat Glover (vocals).

In 1990, another new group would be assembled by him called Prince & The New Power Generation.  

Prince passed away at his home in suburban Minneapolis in April 2016. 

Whatever Happened To Prince’s Bandmates?

André Cymone – High school bandmate and Prince bassist (1979-1980)

Andre Cymone released his 6th studio album titled, 1969 last 2017 via BandCamp and iTunes. 


Dez Dickerson – Guitarist for the Revolution (1979-1983)

He currently manages label and branding companies Pavilion Entertainment and Pavilion Synergies in Nashville.


Dr. Fink – Revolution keyboardist (1979-90)

Fink is still active, performing with The Revolution, and will have a track that will be featured in the upcoming Netflix, Wine Country.


Bobby “Z” Rivkin – Drummer for the Revolution (1979-1986)

Bobby Z currently hosts a radio show every Sunday on 96.3 K-TWIN in Minneapolis.


Lisa Coleman – Revolution keyboardist (1980-1986)

Coleman continues to work as film and television composers with Melvoin. She also self-released her first solo instrumental album titled, Collage in 2019.


Mark Brown or Brownmark – The Revolution bassist (1981-1986)

BrownMark is currently making music in his own studio; jamming, recording and performing with inspiring musicians.


Eric Leeds – Saxophonist for Madhouse and the Revolution (1986–1989)

He reunited with his band called The Family in 2007 under the name Fdeluxe, and released their album, Gaslight, independently in 2012.


Sheila E. – Band drummer (1987-1989)

Sheila E. recently performed and served as music director for Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute to Prince concert at the Staples Center last January 28, 2020, and it was broadcast on CBS on April 21, 2020.


Levi Seacer Jr. – Collaborated on many projects with Prince (1987–1990 & 1991–1993)

Sued Prince in 1998 claiming that Prince hadn’t shared royalties that were owed for songs they had co-written, he and Tony mo for Prince’s NPG Publishing. In the end, Mosely and Seacer settled for approximately $40,000 each. 


Cat Glover – Backing vocalist and tour choreographer (1987-1989)

After her work with Prince, and in 1989, she released the EP Catwoman. Since then, it is reported that she has worked in London and Los Angeles, and recorded her own material.