Which Member of The Who Was The Most Indispensable To The Band Musically?

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The Who’s Indispensable Leader

The obvious answer is Pete Townshend — he was the chief songwriter and the most integral part of the band. He provides philosophical contributions for The Who’s music.

The Who were one of the best bands along with other rock legends during their tenure, and their ability to play was indescribable. Pete Townshend’s playing was the backbone of the Who and added by Moon’s muscular drumming — they were a perfect match.

Entwistle, on the other hand, was the key that fuels their engine – the glue that sticks it all together.

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Pete Townshend was incredibly indispensable among the other members — he wrote mostly every song and every record for the Who.  The musical director for the band who plays the guitar, wrote, and played keyboard parts, sang back up, produced, and was the musical arranger for their tours.

Townshend showed everyone that he was the indispensable one when Keith Moon died, the band still continued to pursue their long and wonderful career. It was until then they stop when Pete Townsend died – it just ended just like that.

What about you, who do you think is the most Indispensable member of the Who?