Who Was The Nicest Beatle

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Everyone wonders if there’s anything about this fabulous quartet from Liverpool that hasn’t already been said. What songs will still remain hidden in recording sessions carried out during those brief but intense ten years that passed from his first steps in Hamburg to \’Let It Be\’ (1970)? It’s funny that the last tape of The Beatles was the first that came into my possession. With its four separate faces representing their never-ending battle of egos.

We are not here to insult any of these geniuses or to despise their work, but to shed a little light on who was the nicest Beatle among the four. Here’s a little introduction about the four:

Ringo Starr

Although he was one of the first trained drummers to decide to hold both drumsticks in the same way, influencing the way many of his successors played, as a composer he has always been in the shadow of the rest of the Beatles. Thus, during the formation of the group he lived together with Harrison under the McCartney/Lennon duo, and after its dissolution, he left good works and others for oblivion.


John Lennon

The death of Epstein, manager of the Beatles, practically coincided with the meeting between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. After having to hide his marriage to Cynthia and the birth of their son Julián, the violent and uncompromising person that John was changed radically. He went from hitting his wife, insulting his teammates, his manager, and anyone who crossed his path to protesting Vietnam and making concept albums.


George Harrison

Just as the greater creative capacity of John Lennon came to light playing with The Beatles, George Harrison exploited his compositional skills after their dissolution. The impeccable long films \’All Things Must Pass\’ (Apple, 1970), \’Living In The Material World\’ (Apple, 1973) or \’Dark Horse\’ (Apple, 1974) showed a pop that can be brought to our days and stay with a fresh sound. In addition to his work as arranger and composer for the quartet (leaving pieces like \’When My Guitar Gently Weeps\’, \’Something\’ or \’Here Comes The Sun\’), his later releases showed the value of the guitarist who lived in the shadow of the Lennon/McCartney tandem.


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney was not only the most brilliant interpreter of the quartet, controlling perfectly from the voice, guitar, bass, piano or cello among others, but he was also the most outstanding and successful composer. Except for Harrison’s sitar innovations, every step the Beatles’ sound took was driven directly by McCartney’s ideas.


Let’s found out in the video below who was the nicest Beatle: