Why “Are You Experienced?” By Jimi Hendrix Is One Of The Best Debut Albums Of All Time

Have You Ever Been Experienced?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience released an extraordinary debut album back in 1967 called “Are You Experienced,” — has the sound far harder and heavier than any releases from 1967. The debut was such a revelation when it came out it was a masterpiece that had never been heard before.

The “force of nature” talent of Jimi Hendrix, the amusing drumming of Mitch Mitchell. Along with bassist Noel Redding, this unmatched trio released the most incredible debut in history and one of the greatest albums of all time.

The album was a mixture of elements of 1967 psychedelic rock, traditional rock, blues, jazz and soul, and this could only be done by the proficient guitar works of Jimi Hendrix. It’s even hard to imagine the possibility of an album like this being created these days.

Every time we hear Jimi Hendrix name, we most likely refer to him as “Guitar God,” and of course that is a fact, because “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” is a guitar driven band. Not even a single track can be heard as a filler in “Are You Experienced.” It’s not called one the finest and consistent work of Hendrix for nothing. Every track is his legacy, “Purple Haze,” “Red House,” “Foxy Lady,” “The Wind Cries Mary,” a psychedelic jam “Third Stone from the Sun,” and the dark classic “Hey Joe.” — What more can you ask? After 5 decades, the album is still breaking new ground and its lasting question remains: “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?” — Jimi Hendrix definitely has…..

In hindsight, “Are You Experienced” did justice in the development of contemporary Rock music. It introduced the world to a “LEGEND,” a figure of immense talent, showmanship, creative mindset, and out-of-this-world charisma. — JIMI HENDRIX WAS THE F***ING MAN, GREATEST AXE-SLINGER EVER. HANDS DOWN!