Why ‘Caught Up In You’ By .38 Special Became A Southern Rock Classic

via @bentleyks63 | YouTube

38 Special was born in 1974 by Don Barnes and Donnie Van Zandt, brother of the ill-fated leader of Lynyrd Skynyrd, so it is not surprising that their first two works are strongly influenced by Southern Rock.

However, these first two albums, “38 Special” and “Special Delivery,” did not achieve the expected success, so for Rockin ‘into the night they decided to bring it some more melodic nuances, achieving an acceptable response from the public and critics.

It is then that they decided to merge Southern Rock with AOR, resulting in a very interesting and high-quality sound, with original guitar arrangements that perfectly accompanied the melodic and harmonious voices of the vocalists. Something like a cross between Allman Brothers and Boston, or better yet, between Lynyrd Skynyrd (the connection is obvious) and Survivor. And it’s the best because “Caught Up In You” is one of their first big success and perhaps better explains the above, was co-written by Jim Peterik, a member of Survivor.

Wild-eyed southern boys, the work in which this song appears marks a before and after in the career of 38 Special. From this moment on, the albums obtained great sales and a large number of certifications, and the singles reached fame with some ease. Among all those singles is “Caught Up In You” , the first song to reach the Billboard Top Ten. A nice and catchy song that was accompanied by this fun video clip below: