Why Classic Rock Fans Hated KISS

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KISS never liked the music critics. Although the group has managed to maintain a career of four decades, selling more than 100 million records and having 28 gold records plus 13 platinum, to this day the credibility of the band is questioned by those who discount its relevance.

KISS mania: nostalgia for someone else’s childhood.

Kiss. One of the most loved and hated bands in rock history. It is a mix between action comics and electric guitars, a handful of great songs, one of the best live shows ever seen, and one of the most blatantly commercial products to ever set foot on earth.

Yes, gentlemen, although it is hard to believe, behind all that painting and all the paraphernalia there is a hated band, a band that if it had not been for its alter-egos, We are sure that today they would be much more respected by the “critics.”

The merchandising of the band reached unimaginable heights, they made dolls, comics, coffee cups, ties, underpants, shaving cream, amplifiers, audio equipment, school supplies, flashlights, cereals, chocolates, movies, sunglasses, towels, plastic balls, caps, masks, costumes and everything you can imagine with the Kiss brand and its logo or its four stamped faces. It was the universe of Kiss, and Kiss Army (the most famous official fan club of the time), it was their personal army.

From 1979 to the present day, where you can still see Maestro Simmons spitting fire life, Kiss put out good records and songs, but they were no longer the masterpieces that made them stand out. During this second period, Ace and Peter left the group for a good handful of years, even the band removed their makeup for a decade. The sales went on and are still plentiful, but really, what conquered our hearts and made us shudder was its first six years, its indelible legacy of the seventies.

These are the reasons what a lot of classic rock fans hated KISS, because they were more than just a band, they were a business.