Why Sgt. Pepper Was The Greatest Album Of All Time

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Beatles Contribution In Shaping The Future Of Rock & Roll

Well, it is highly considered as the greatest album in the history of mankind. As others have said so in a much detail reason, including David Stewart’s answer. The Beatles surely made use of the studio as their instrument in creating the album. They made the music much more substantial than any other instruments. The album presentation was very artistic and intriguingly beautiful in which it had a premium feel to it bit by bit – purely rich.  The sound of the music was clean, crisp and they damn made sure that it was high quality. All these being said, Sgt. Pepper’s songs are great.

Of course, many of the favorite songs from the Beatles came from the albums, and being one of them is The White Album which is fully-loaded with favorites, Abbey Road, Revolver – Rubber Soul is usually cited as one of the favorite Beatles albums. But these so-called favorites, even they contain the songs that we considered favorites, were just collections of songs.

 “Here is a bunch of cool songs we wrote.”

That said, Sgt Pepper was an ‘album,’ it was written as an album, and everyone has individual inputs – it was an album meant to be listened to from start to finish. Each song varies wildly in style and composition, but they still managed to fit together in such a cohesive way.

"Here is an album we wrote."  - A quite brilliant reference.

Why Sgt. Pepper Was The Greatest Album Of All Time – well, there’s a story behind it, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was into a deep depression during those times when the album got released. The Beach Boys were working hard on creating an album that can top the Beatles. Apparently, it went all sideways – Wilson reportedly stopped recording when Sgt Pepper came out and then he stated,  “The best album has already been made,” or something similar.

The release of Sgt. Pepper followed up with Wilson’s nervous breakdown. some say Sgt Pepper “broke Brian Wilson’s heart.”

It is truly great music, and if you really want to know why it was the greatest album of all time, then keep going on the playlist below and just listen to it: