Why The Historic Metallica Show Of 1992 Is Legendary As Hell

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Power, speed, and energy – these things describe what Metallica is really all about…

Metallica back in their prime (i.e. first 5 albums before Load) had it all and did manage to rock a lot of socks off back when they were not selling out. The first time we’ve heard Master Of Puppets – it was full of excitement from the tight riff played by James Hetfield and the fast solos played by Kirk Hammett.

And another reason for their greatness is their ability to write, without a doubt, memorable songs that fit well to their genre. Songs like Master of Puppets, Seek and Destroy, One, Fade To Black, Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, and Nothing Else Matters contain unforgettable melodies that anyone can certainly sing along to.


Metallica’s influenced tons of rock and metal artists today, such as Sepultura, KoRn, Slipknot, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, and Avenged Sevenfold. And whether you like these metal bands or not, there’s no denying the huge influence that Metallica has for them.

And what made Metallica so epic is their Historic show in Orlando Stadium back on March 16, 1992. It even made the front page of the newspaper the following day. Everything was thrashed, the seats, the rails, and almost damaged what you can see there. Metallica had to wire 38,000 to pay for the damages.

Keep going for the video below and take yourself back when concert tickets were only $20.00 and it was all about the music (no selling out).