Why “Thick As a Brick” By Jethro Tull Is A Prog Rock Masterpiece

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The Album That Keeps Sounding Better And Better Through The Years

Some suggested that the album brought the progressive rock to its ultimate end, but most rock fans considered it as a masterpiece – and was crafted as an over the top concept album.

Thick As a Brick was Jethro Tull’s first deep offering to progressive rock, notable for its theme, time signature, using vast instrumentation such as harpsichord, xylophone, saxophone, violin, and a string section. The overwhelming result was Thick as a Brick became a milestone in the progressive genre when it was released on March 10, 1972.

“I think it worked as a musical package. Whether people got what was going on was a moot point when you got to countries where English wasn’t even a second language. It wasn’t the international language it is today. People didn’t understand what was going on, but that didn’t stop us from doing well.” 

– Ian Anderson thoughts on the album

What do you think of it? Was it really a masterpiece?