Wish You Were Here vs. Dark Side Of The Moon – Which Side Are You On?

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Both Are Great In Their Own Ways.

Dark Side Of The Moon isn’t a bad record, but overall, Wish You Were Here is more favored. One reason that it is more often pick by classic rock fans is that Dark Side Of The Moon songs have been played repetitively on the radio — and some fans just cannot stand the songs Money and Us and Them being constantly overplayed in every rock stations, but not because the songs were awfully made but because most of the songs in Wish You Were Here are far more superior and better especially their two instrumental pieces on the album.

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But nonetheless, the two are both great in their own ways,  but listeners just prefer the one over the other – it’s a hard choice between the two, but most Pink Floyd fans know this;

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Wish You Were Here is a work of genius, though both records were made by one band, you can just hear and imagine the sheer effort that Pink Floyd put in making the album Wish You Were Here.

What about you guys? What’s your say on the matter?

Wish You Were Here or Dark Side Of The Moon?