Witness A Majestic ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Flashmob In Portugal

via @Rj Azlan Rj Abass Tippi | YouTube

It has become synonymous with a certain kind of rock, the most universally recognizable Led Zeppelin song and also, they say, the most requested on every radio station.

It has even been voted the best song in all of history by readers and listeners of multiple prestigious publications and is unanimously considered to contain one of the best guitar solos ever heard.

Stairway to Heaven originates during 1970, in the period in which the band was preparing their fourth album, which would later become known as Led Zeppelin IV. A legendary song, conceived by a fan of Celtic and The Lord of the Rings as Robert Plant, deserved equally legendary origins.

He and Jimmy Page both argued for years that inspiration and the early stages of it would have come to them during a stay in Bron-Yr-Aur, a secluded 17th-century Welsh country house with no running water or electricity in which they would have refugee for inspiration. There some of the most celebrated songs of Led Zeppelin III and Led Zeppelin IV would be born and, in the heat of the fire of the stone fireplace, Plant and Page would have sketched what would be Starway to Heaven. For years, Bron-Yr-Aur would become a pilgrimage site for fans of the band from all over the world.

In the video below, a majestic flashmob performance of Stairway to Heaven in Portugal happened. And it shows how amazing a song can do to so many people. Stairway to Heaven undoubtedly crosses over so well, and its impression is far and wide.

Keep going for the video below: