Wolfgang Van Halen Replies With Eruption Bass Solo To Online Troll

via @The Real Music Observer | YouTube

Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, has given a lesson in virtuosity on his social networks to shut up a troll who had messed with him for trying to launch his solo career. For this, the bassist has not hesitated to play the solo of “Eruption”, a mythical theme from his father’s band, on bass.

It all started when someone wrote the following to the good Wolfgang, a comment of which the musician took a screenshot to upload to his networks:


What has been the response of Van Halen’s son? Yes, you have guessed correctly, a video in which he plays the song on bass, accompanied by the following – and sarcastic – answer:

Fans of the bassist also did not hesitate to reply sarcastically, saying that if the album was just that, they would not hesitate to buy it on vinyl. Of course, some asked the musician to record versions of other rock classics on bass.

There is still no release date for this album, Wolfgang’s first solo, but the musician has already made it clear that he is not trying to be like his father, but himself and that this work will be of his own harvest, without special guests from Van Halen, a band in which he was also active.