You Already Know This Kid Can Shred ‘Eruption’ Just By His Hair – Watch

via Lee Q Wu / Youtube

For a guitarist, listening to Eddie Van Halen, who died at 65 from throat cancer, can be fascinating and frustrating at the same time. His creativity reached beautiful levels, but unattainable for most mortals, and hence he is placed very, very close to Hendrix on the rock ax podium.

“Eruption,” the second track from his 1978 self-titled debut album. It’s just an interlude, but it’s almost a declaration of intent: two-handed tapping. , “Flutter picking,” harmonics, and mind-blowing effects make this composition one of Eddie’s first stunning gems.

In the video below, a YouTuber and a guitarist named @Lee Q Wu did an incredible cover of the song, and by the looks of his hair, you can just know that he’s going to nail it! Eddie Van Halen is definitely the guitar hero of this guy! The hair, the gear, the ax, and the way he plays – he really wants to replicate Eddie, and he didn’t disappoint.

Keep going for the video below: