You Won’t Believe How Good This Street Musician’s Cover Of Pink Floyd

via Prayudi A. / Youtube

The vast Pink Floyd discography is made up of stages that go through different feelings and environments, their lyrics tell us about different human problems and their behavior in society.

Floyd has been the band with the most creative when it comes to executing and composing, innovating everything in its path, and being a conceptual project; without a doubt this has taken them to the top of the world music scene, influencing many of the contemporary bands and of our times.

Many musicians know that they have to thank and pay tribute to those who deserve it, and they do so, generating tributes or covers for this legendary band. In the video below you won’t believe this street musician giving you a Pink Floyd cover that is worth watching and listening to.

This is definitely one of the best Pink Floyd covers that run on YouTube – the street musician performed the most iconic songs not only in the history of Pink Floyd but of rock in general. Wish You Were Here from the album by the British band that saw the light and glory in 1975, is dedicated to the group’s founder, Syd Barrett, lost in the colors of acid and in the immensity of the Universe.

Keep going for the video below: