You’ll Be Surprised What Is Led Zeppelin’s Most Unpopular Album

John Bonham of Led Zeppelin at the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

1975 was the year that the harvest of artists who became legends came to fruition. It was consolidated as a time of musical maturity that was present in albums recorded not only on vinyl but also in the memory of many.

Led Zeppelin was one of those bands. They were reaching their last successful stage. It was on February 24 when a double-disc placed Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham on top of Olympus.

The year and the work of Zeppelin tied with the deployment of other groups of the genre inspired by them, such as AC / DC with their debut album High Voltage, and Kiss with their live album Alive! Also, the first international disco hits such as “Love To Love You Babe” by a young woman named Donna Summer would soon be heard.

In early 1974, Led Zeppelin returned to Healey Grange Studios after an intense tour playing a repertoire that was made extensive at the release of Houses Of The Holy just a year earlier. Jimmy Page knew it took one more step to ascend the throne and make their music a permanent legacy.

For many, this album was Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece. Physical Graffiti was the first album in Jeff Buckley’s collection. The Foo Fighters wanted to do their Graffiti with In Your Honor. And it’s Jim James’ favorite album from My Morning Jacket.

However, despite being the band’s bestselling record, Physical Graffiti is the least favorite record in the 21st century according to a Grunge post based on their readership.