You’ll Never Expect What This 6 Yr. Old Sound Like As A Frontman

via O'Keefe Music Foundation / Youtube

The good folks at the O’Keefe Music Foundation continue to occupy aspiring young musicians, this time with a crushing version of Korn’s Untouchable hit “Here to Stay,” with a 6-year-old stealing the limelight. as a singer.

The group delivers a hard-hitting rendition of the Korn classic and it’s even sweeter because young singer Michael Dalhover III’s parents are huge Korn fans. They even brought their son headbanging to Korn shows, and on this cover, he gets a chance to put himself in Jonathan Davis’ shoes.

Joining the young singers are bassist Sebastian Stephens (9), guitarists Sam Ruether (14) and Dominic Donile (15), and drummer Nick Peacock (18), all of whom do an admirable job recreating one of the most important songs by Korn.

Watch the kids having fun in the music video at the bottom of the page.

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers free music lessons, camps, recording sessions, and music videos, and more for young musicians around the world. To learn more about the cause, go here.

Keep going for the video below: