ZZ Top Songs That Features The Best Guitar Playing By Billy Gibbons

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You Gotta Love’Em Blues!

We all love Billy Gibbons when he’s playing the blues. He can play fast, slow, and always consistent with his playing like with one song he used only about 21 notes — and it’s awesome. Billy Gibbons is the perfect example of a blues genius.

Below is a list of ZZ Top songs were Billy Gibbons managed to showcase his guitar playing skills.

5. Legs

By far, one of their best songs, and you’ll certainly love the sequenced riff.


4. Tush


Best 2-minute song ever created and the guitar playing of Gibbons give this song the “legendary” factor.


3. Gimme All Your Lovin’

Everything here is nice, the beat. the solo, the vocals, and what else? This is pure classic rock!


2. La Grange

Gibbons greatest riffs of all time!


1. Sharp Dressed Man

The song that is too badass, just like the legendary trio ZZ Top. Gibbons’ guitar playing is simply great from start to finish.